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How To Choose a Bikini for Your Hourglass Body Shape

Bikinis for women with hourglass body shapes

With countless different shapes and styles of swimsuits out there it can get quite overwhelming to know which bikini will suit your body shape best! Let us save you hours in the changeroom and point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing your new bikini. The first and most important step is knowing which body shape you have. From here you can find out how to flatter your figure best! Don't know what body shape you are, check out our How to Choose a Bikini For Your Body Shape guide to help you out.

What Is the Hourglass Figure Body Type?

Women with an hourglass body shape have a bust and waist that are evenly proportioned with a waistline that is slim and well defined, making for a silhouette much like an actual hourglass. If you’ve been blessed with this great figure then you're in luck, have fun with it! Typical features of hourglass women include: 

    • A well defined waistline that curves out your hips  
    • Hips and shoulders that are evenly proportioned 
    • A well balanced figure.

How To Choose a Bikini for an Hourglass Shaped Body?

When it comes to choosing the right bikini for any body shape, the aim of the game is to balance out your body. With your naturally balanced figure, looking good in bikinis is easy. Our one tip to you is to wear matching sets. They compliment your body's natural curves and help keep everything in balance. If you play around with patterned bikini tops and bottoms it can throw off your body’s proportion

Swimsuit Coverage Guide

Best bikini types for hourglass shaped women

How to choose a bikini for your hourglass shaped body

One-Piece Swimsuit

One piece swimsuits and the hourglass body shape really go hand in hand. This style of swim really adds emphasis to your body's great features including your legs and your body’s natural curve. Look for a suit with a high cut hip and a plunging neckline, not only will this flatter your figure, it will really add more length and curve to your body.

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Bikini Tops

When it comes to choosing a bikini top, most styles will look great on your figure! It’s best to look for tops that highlight your chest area, the classic triangle top is great for this and is easy to come by in lots of colours and patterns. If you have a smaller chest, don't be afraid to play around with a strapless/bandeau top, and if you have larger size breasts, we’ve got you covered too! Look for tops with a little extra support such as the halter top or any classic D-cup styles.

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Bikini Bottoms

With the hourglass body shape having curvier hips, you're looking for bikini bottoms that enhance your natural curves even more. Any bottoms with any embellishments such as tie side or ruffles really help to add volume to your waistline! However, if you're more into simple bottoms, a classic, straight across bottom will look great too. Have a play around with high waisted bottoms also. They will draw the eyes to your great narrow waist and cover or support your tummy.

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Bikinis for curvy body shaped women

Bikini Types To Avoid When You Are an Hourglass Body Shape

If you're blessed with an hourglass body shape you really don’t have to worry about avoiding any swimwear, as all styles look great on your figure. The one thing to remember is to stay away from any mixing and matching of patterns and stick to your strengths with cute and flattering matching sets.   

The best way to look amazing in your swimwear is to feel good. Confidence is the most important asset any woman can bring no matter their body type. Embrace your hourglass figure and rock it with confidence this summer!

Check out our expert guide on How To Choose A Surf Bikini for any of our hourglass women out there who want a more athletic style of swimwear.

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