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How to Choose a bikini for your Rectangle body shape

How to choose a bikini for your rectangle body shape

Body shapes come in all different shapes and sizes, and there are so many ways to find a swimsuit that will flatter your figure and highlight your greatest assets. When it comes to choosing the right bikini for your body the perfect place to start is knowing which body type you are closest to. Not sure which body shape you are? Check out our How to Choose A Bikini For Your Body Shape guide to help you decide. If you have a rectangle body shape you’ve come to the right place! With your perfectly balanced proportions all you need to learn is which styles will best help accentuate your curves. 

What is the rectangle body type?

A rectangle body shape tends to have minimal difference between the bust, hip and waist measurements and will have more of a straight silhouette. This being said the Rectangle body shape is one of the best shapes suited for bikinis! Bikinis are designed to add curve and definition into your bust and hip area. Common features of a rectangle shape are: 

  • Shoulders and hips close to the same width 
  • Little waist definition
  • Smaller chest and behind

How to choose a bikini for a rectangle shaped body?

With the Rectangle body shape having a straight silhouette it is important to know and find swimsuit styles that will be best for adding curve and shape through your more streamline figure. However, with your body’s proportion being evenly balanced any swimsuit will more often than not suit your figure.

Swimsuit Coverage Guide

Best bikini types for rectangle-shaped women

bikini top and bottom for your body shape

One-piece swimsuit

One piece swimsuits are your friend! Especially styles that have a high cut waistline and a deep flattering neckline! These two features are perfect for adding curves to your figure and accentuate your great assets. Don’t be scared to play around with different features such as belts, these will only slim your waist further and help shape your silhouette.

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Bikini tops

As we mentioned earlier, rectangle body shapes are blessed with suiting all styles of swimwear. Typically known for having a smaller chest this makes playing around with bikini tops fun! If you're looking to add some curve into your upper body a triangle style top will help flatter and enhance your bust area! Straight and angular style tops such as strapless bandeau tops although they look cute, they won’t add definition to your body.

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Bikini bottoms

Much like choosing a bikini top, you’re looking to add curves to your streamline figure. You can’t go wrong with a classic tie side bikini. This style is timeless and easy to find in a variety of colours, whilst being ideal for creating curves through your hips. Don't be scared to trial some bright colours and patterns. Due to your slim hips you can also play around with frills, ruffles and ruching as these will only add volume to your waistline.

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How to choose a bikini for your body

Bikini types to avoid when you are rectangle body shaped

Remember, the key to making the most of a Rectangle Shaped Body’s assets is finding a swim that adds curve and in doing so flatters the silhouette. This means straight, and square necklines tend to be avoided, as well as boy shorts and thick waistbands. 

If you’re planning on surfing in your new swimsuit, you'll have to make sure it is a surf friendly design! Don’t worry we’ve got your covered. Check out our How to Choose a Surf Bikini guide to make sure your new suit is surf sufficient ensuring that you won’t have any unwanted slippages. 

If you have a rectangle figure you’ve been blessed with one of the most ideal body shapes for a bikini! This being said, confidence is the most important part of wearing a new swimsuit! Strut your stuff and show off your glorious figure

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