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How To Choose a Bikini for Your Body Shape

How to choose a bikini for your body

No two body shapes are exactly the same, with a world filled with unique figures, it can be difficult to find the perfect style of swimwear to suit YOU. Whether you're curvy, boxy or a little bit of both it is important to stay open minded when picking your swimsuit, remember you are choosing one for you and not for the models wearing it. Be acceptive to the fact that you may feel better suited to more than one style, and that's ok! Because everyone is different.

Picking the perfect bikini starts with knowing your body shape and learning which styles of swimwear suit it best. Are you Apple or Athletic shaped? Follow our guide to find out!

What Is Your Body Shape?

Everyone's body is unique and when it comes to choosing swimwear, you need to choose the bikini that’s perfect for you – not the model wearing it in the catalogue. So let’s start by deciding which one of these five body types below closest fits your description.  

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Athletic
  • Hourglass
  • Rectangle

Keep in mind that your body shape isn’t about weight – you can have a Pear, Hourglass or Athletic body shape at any weight. Another thing to remember is that everyone's body is unique, and you may feel your body fits none of these types – or more than one!

How To Pick a Bikini for an Apple Body Shape?

The characteristics of an apple shaped body tend to have wider shoulders, be heavier in the bust, fuller at the waist, and narrower at the hips. Proportionally the figure tends to appear top heavy.

  • Show off & define your waist with patterned & tie side bikini bottoms.
  • Wide and low necklines create a separation between the bust and tummy and help elongate the torso for a slimmer appearance.
  • High waisted bikini bottoms will hug everything in, pairing it with a tankini will also help balance out your midsection.

How To Pick a Bikini for a Pear Body Shape?

The Pear, or triangle shape is used to describe women's bodies that are wider at the hips, with a smaller bust and narrow shoulders. To balance it out, you're aiming to draw attention up and away from the hips.

  • Go for tops with bold patterns, elaborate styles, padded cups and plunging necklines to emphasize your bust’s natural curves.
  • For the bottom, stick with figure-flattering solid colors and darker shades.
  • High-cut bottoms help big thighs to look slimmer and longer.

bikini for which body type

How To Pick a Bikini for an Athletic Body Shape?

The Athletic body type is generally more of a rectangle figure. With broad shoulders, strong legs and typically more of a straight body it is important to know how to balance out your unique shape. When picking your suit choose one of your assets to highlight, whether it is the top half of your body or the bottom, this will help to add curve and even further accentuate your strong points  

  • To balance out your lower body go for tops with wider necklines in bright colours, bold patterns & details to emphasise your bust’s natural curves.
  • High-cut bikini bottoms help compliment wider hips without adding volume and show off your smaller waist.
  • Stick to darker, solid colours to help draw attention away from the lower body.


How To Pick a Bikini for an Hourglass Body Shape?

Women with an hourglass body shape have a balanced figure. Proportionally equal on top and bottom with an emphasised narrow waist. With this body type you to have a broader choice of style depending on what part of your bodies curves you want to emphasise.

  • A curvy shaped body means most styles are suited to the body’s natural silhouette.
  • To draw the attention to a slimmer waist, opt for high-waisted bikini bottoms that will naturally balance your figure.
  • Dark colours and matching sets will keep your body balanced without drawing attention to either the upper or lower body.

How To Pick a Bikini for a Rectangle Body Shape?

Rectangle body shapes are not particularly curvy with the upper and lower body well proportioned. Fortunately, all types of bikinis are perfect for this silhouette so you can add dimension to either your top or bottom to help define your waist.

  • A triangle bikini top will help to lengthen the bust.
  • One piece swimsuits with a round neckline can help create subtle curves while cut-out sides will break up the straight rectangle figure and give the appearance of an hourglass silhouette.
  • Floral patterns, polka dots and other bold patterns and colours will create volume to your hips.

Knowing which swimsuit style suits your body type (or which to avoid) definitely makes your shopping experience easier. The next decision is where you’ll most likely wear it – surfing, poolside or just lazing on the beach. If you are most likely going surfing in it, be sure to check our “How to choose a Surf Bikini” guide before getting amongst the waves. At the end of the day, confidence is everything when wearing any form of swimwear. So regardless of your body shape, if you feel good, you’ll look good!

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