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How to Choose Your Surf Bikini


How to choose a bikini for surfing

When it comes to surfing, a swimsuit doesn’t only need to look and feel good – it needs to stay put when you're out in the surf. So, here’s a handy guide to help you choose the perfect, malfunction-free surfing bikini.

Before you paddle out in your favourite tanning bikini let us save you from a serious wardrobe malfunction. Most women who have ever tried surfing in a skimpy bikini would have learnt quickly that waves eat flimsy bikinis for breakfast. So with that in mind, when it comes to surfing it is important that you have an understanding on which swimsuit styles are best suited for surfing. Remember, surfing in a costume that covers all of your assets only adds to your performance, confidence and style.

How To Make Sure Your Surf Bikini Will Stay Put?

Before we start on the design specifics of sporty swimsuits and surfing bikinis, let’s talk quickly about “the fit” and “the style”. Remember, you’re essentially looking for the most supportive swimwear.

As women we all know that some swimwear can just fall right off in the water. It can be hard to know exactly what bikini style and fit won’t leave us in an embarrassing scenario out in the ocean. The best way to confirm that your suit will cover all your assets at all times is to move and jump around when trying it on. Have fun with it, do some squats, jump around and get all parts of your body moving. If the swimwear moves around easily… keep looking. if it stays put… You’ve got yourself a winner.

To ensure your surf swimsuit looks as good as it performs, it’s also important to choose a surf costume with your natural body in mind – see our article on How To Choose a Bikini for your Body Type for the lowdown.

When it comes to choosing the perfect surfing swim suit for you there are some important key factors to keep in mind, Comfort, Support and Security  

• Comfort being the most important! To look good in your swimwear is one thing but to feel good is even better! Especially when it comes to surfing! You're constantly moving around for long periods of time, being comfortable will allow you to perform better and feel better!

• Having a Surf swimsuit that supports and secures your assets is worth its weight in gold! Being able to rely on your surf bikini to keep you in place for the entire time without restricting movement is the greatest feeling!

Bikini Bottoms to Surf In

Surfer swimsuit

First and foremost: security. Forget a skimpy string or side-tie – your surf bikini bottoms need some width on the hip band. The wider the band, the more secure it will be. Keep in mind that all bikini fabrics stretch a little when wet, so if there's room to move, a potential size down could be the best option for you.

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Boardshorts vs Swim Shorts vs Surf Leggings

If you don't feel to comfortable surfing in bikini bottoms or want a little more coverage and support when surfing bigger waves, that’s no problem there are plenty of options out there for you:

• Board shorts are usually peoples first alternative when it comes to surfing in anything other than bikini bottoms. They provide great coverage and security especially when surfing bigger waves, but some can give you a rubbing rash. It’s important to find a pair that isn't too tight around the crotch area. Draw strings are an added bonus too.

• Mid-size swim shorts/trunks deliver good all-round comfort, coverage and security. Typically a little bit longer in length, they can also help to protect your legs from wax or grip rash.

•Surf Leggings are growing rapidly in popularity, thanks to their bold look, all-over support, extra warmth in cooler water temperatures and amazing protection from the sun. They are similar to activewear pants just made for the water, they can be super comfortable and even protect from little nasties like stingers in the water too.

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Bikini Tops to Surf In

When it comes to finding the perfect bikini top to surf in, your key ingredient is comfort. Aim to find a swimwear top that feels as supportive as your favourite sports bra. Keep in mind that the amount of strapping and support you need relies on the size and weight of your breasts. Regardless of size, some swim top styles are definitely better suited to surfing than others.

• A Halter Neck top offers great comfort and full coverage at the front which is ideal! Thick or wide supportive straps are your friend when it comes to surfing so keep an eye out for these styles as thin straps can lead to neck strain.

• A Cross Back top is your best option, distributing weight evenly across your back and shoulders for great security and comfort, without restricting your paddling motion.

• Strapless/bandeau tops should definitely be avoided! They have wardrobe malfunction written all over them. When it comes to other style tops like triangle and bra style bikini tops, unless they're specifically designed for surfing, they should also be steered clear of.

Hot tip! Definitely avoid underwired swimwear tops as they create added discomfort under your breast when paddling as the wire digs in which is not ideal for long surf sessions.

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Can I Surf in a One-Piece Swimsuit?

One piece swimsuits are great and the most ideal suit for surfing. They deliver a more secure fit rather than a two-piece, and help to protect your stomach from nasty wax rashes. Same rules do apply when choosing your one piece suit, cross backs are your friend! Also, remember to check out the increasingly popular long sleeve versions for even more sun and wind protection.

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Bikini Materials and Colours

bikini colours and materials

When it comes to surf-specific swimwear, always put functionality before style. Your best bet is to stick to technical synthetic polyester blends with plenty of stretch and fast-drying properties. Although textured fabrics like rippled, embroidered and crochet look amazing, they all have a tendency to bunch and sag. 
When it comes to the endless choice of colours and prints it really doesn’t matter! Go wild and have fun with it! Lighter colours such as white can tend to go transparent over prolonged time in the water so keep that in mind!

Rashguards: A Surf Bikini Alternative

Worn over a bikini top or as a standalone, rashguards are a must-have addition to your surf wardrobe, keeping you protected from harsh UV rays and abrasive surfboard decks.

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How To Take Care of Your Surf Bikini

Last thing to remember – salt water is corrosive, so always rinse your surfing bikini after a surf in cold fresh water!
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