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How To Choose a Bikini for Your Apple Body Shape

Bikinis for women with apple body shapes

There are so many different ways to find a bikini that will flatter your body and provide you with all the confidence you need not only in summer, but throughout the whole year! In this Roxy expert guide, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need to know how to use your assets and flatter your apple body type when it comes to bikini’s. Not sure what body shape you have? You’ll want to check out our How To Choose A Bikini For Your Body Shape guide to find out.

What Is an Apple Shaped Body?

Women with an Apple Shaped Body generally have a reasonably consistent waist line with their shoulders, bust, waist and hips all sitting pretty uniform. The apple is typically more of a round body shape, but just like real apples, they come in all different shapes and sizes. The classic apple body type looks a little like this: 

  • Broader back and chest
  • Larger bust area 
  • A wider around the waistline  
  • small bottom and slim legs
  • bust, waist and hips have similar measurements

How To Choose a Bikini for an Apple-Shaped Body?

When it comes to choosing the right swimwear for any body shape the trick is to balance out your body’s proportions and draw attention to your strongest features. In doing so this will help compliment your figure. When it comes to an Apple Body you’re aiming to focus on your breasts and slim legs, while adding to the curve of your hips and weights. 

  • It’s time to add some curve into your waistline! Don’t be scared of high waisted bottoms! They add definition through the hips and tuck in any unwanted excess in the tummy area! 
  • Swimsuits that cinch in the mid section and waist help to add curve and definition to your body.
  • Look for tops that focus on the chest area! This will only highlight your great upper body and draw attention away from the stomach. 
  • Patterned swimwear helps to draw attention to your assets as well! Don’t be scared of a little bit of colour. 
  • Like anything, always go for comfort, comfort = confidence!

Swimsuit Coverage Guide

Best Bikini Types for Apple Shaped Women

Bikinis for women with hourglass body shapes

One-Piece Swimsuits

One-pieces can really add definition to your figure and help to draw attention away from a wider belly. Try looking for designs that have eye-catching shapes with details around the hip and neckline. If darker colours are your preference no problem! Look for swimsuits that have darker colours around your midsection to minimise a larger waist and add curve. Sweetheart necklines are your friend! They provide the best of both worlds by flattering your chestline, whilst providing support for a large bust. Also, don’t be afraid to try out ruffles around your waist: even though they add volume, ruffles can be great for hiding unwanted lumps and bumps.

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Bikini Tops

Apple figures tend to have larger breasts, if this is you than what you're looking for is bold designs that draw the eye up to the bust and neckline. If you have wider shoulders, avoid strapless or spaghetti strap style tops. Other than these two styles, when it comes to bikini tops… go wild! Try any style bikini top until you find the perfect fit to flatter your assets.

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Bikini Bottoms

Apple shaped body types generally have narrow hips and a wider waist. When it comes to your bikini bottoms you're aiming to add curves to your hips and shape to your wider waist. Play around with some high waisted bikini bottoms. This style of bottom is a great way to add definition to your body and highlight all your best features! To all the ladies out there who have more of a flat tummy, go for more of a skimpy, tie side, horizontal waistline bottom, to emphasise the curve of your hips and make a point of your great slim legs.

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Bikinis for women with hourglass body shapes

Bikini Types To Avoid When You Are Apple Body Shaped

Focus on emphasising your feminine curves and great legs, these are your strongest features so don’t hide them. This being said, avoid boy shorts, especially if you have a wider waist. This style of bottom will take away from your hips, shorten your legs and add attention to your tummy. Remember to steer clear of any style of suit that draws attention to your waist and midriff area. These are the least flattering style of suit for your body shape.  

Are you a surfer with an Apple shape physique? Or just looking to catch some waves in your new suit? Make sure you head over to our - How to Choose a Surf Bikini guide to find everything you need to know about surf friendly designs. 

Regardless of your body shape, the most important thing to remember when looking good in your swimwear is feeling good. Confidence is your greatest asset. When you’re feeling great everything looks amazing. Strut your stuff and show the world how beautiful you truly are.

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